Le Peintre, le canot et la forêt

I’m more nervous releasing this video than any paintings I’ve done. It may be because this little video hasn’t been produced in a professional manner – I’m not a videographer, but a painter.  But videos are fun to do.

Although my first language is French, the video is in English so that I could reach a wider audience. And I just didn’t want to subtitle everything.

The video is a bit comtemplative, but it will give an idea to the fans of my work how I get inspired. So take a few relaxing minutes, and let me bring you in a little canoe trip in the wilderness.

Music: « Coast Through Life » by Kelly Bryarly, « Sentomentos » by Marie Ève Clairmont, « This Life » by Ryan Huston. « Coast Through Life » and « This Life » licences has been acquired through Vimeo Music Store. « Sentomentos has been composed and played by a good friend of mine.

Time: 6min 44sec


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